Yellowstone was unreal.  We stayed at the Mammoth Hot Springs Inn in the north section of the park.  (Our hotel room was built in 1913 and was almost out of 'The Shining'!)  As we pulled up tons of elk were just chilling around the inn and cabins; literally just feet from cars and humans.  We explored the Mammoth Hot Springs and Boiling River and then headed down to the Porcelain Basin and the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone (hosting breathtaking views of the waterfalls including my fave appropriately named 'Artist's Point'.)  Just past the Mammoth Hot Springs we witnessed a second bear sighting although from a much further distance (and seemingly much more peaceful circumstances as 2 bears were playing in the forest just below the road). Reportedly because of the fires, the Lamar Valley wildlife had fled further south so we checked out the Hayden Valley on our way to Yellowstone Lake and hit the jackpot as a plethora of bison were hanging out next to the road and crossing the street.  

Upon checking into our Lake Lodge cabin we noticed at least 5 bison right outside our door!  We couldn't believe how uninterested the wildlife is in humans...   We got up early to head to Old Faithful (overrated in my opinion) and the Grand Prismatic Spring and the other springs in the Midway Geyer Basin.  Unfortunately because it was so cold and gray the steam from the springs made it difficult to see but hopefully some of the photos turned out.  

After that we took off to head to Grand Teton National Park, stopping to do a short hike in Coulter Bay before driving down to Jackson Hole, just south of the Tetons where we are staying until Thursday.  We (Stevie, my dad, and myself) are all glad to be staying in one place for longer than 1 night and excited to explore the Tetons!   Stay tuned!