Arizona to San Diego

We had an AMAZING time in Sedona.  We spent almost the entire time hiking with my aunt and uncle who have lived there for the last 26 years so they knew all the good spots.  Our first hike was super special because it is a locals trail up to an amazing cave that I hiked to with them the last time I visited 21 years ago.  Once we got to the cave we ate lunch and then they lead us in a meditation.  Sedona is basically walking through one giant postcard; it is impossible not find a spot without a few.  They also have stipulations on where and what kind of street lights can be used so there was no where better to see the stars let alone the full moon!  (I also was introduced to the Prickly Pear Margarita which I am now obsessed with! YUM!)

On the way to San Diego we stopped in Joshua Tree.  It was beautiful to see such an untouched desert landscape but overall it wasn't the most interesting of the parks in my opinion.  Continuing on to San Diego we took the 74 (aka the "the Pines to Palms highway") which cuts right through the mountains.  This could be the curviest, most terrifying road I have driven the whole trip.  Sure, the super tight turns and huge drop offs were scary but most of my fear came from the other drivers- literally every other car that went by was FLYING.  

San Diego started off a bit of a mess.  I won't dwell on details but our Airbnb was a horrific nightmare so last minute we stayed at the Dana Hotel on Mission Bay which was wonderful. Especially because a HUGE storm blew in that night and it was pouring the whole next day.  The next day it was very overcast but we made the best of it.  We went stand up paddle-boarding in the bay (I am still sore!) and caught the cloudy albeit beautiful sunset at the Sunset Cliffs.  Meghan flew out that night and I left the next morning for LA!  A dear friend from high school who also lived in NYC and is now in SF (and putting me up until I move into a sublet Oct 1st;) came to meet me in LA.  We are staying in Venice Beach and I am super excited about all the fun that is about to be had!   Stay tuned!!!!