The Route to Salt Lake City

Stevie and I are both stoked to be out of the car!  We spent the last 2 days making the drive from Chicago to Salt Lake City which was unbelievably beautiful.  While the first day was more mundane, yesterday was like driving through a postcard.   The only downfall was shortly after entering Wyoming I got super dizzy and nauseous.   My first thought was car sickness but I quickly realized it was the drastic change in altitude.  Coming in from the flat farmlands in Nebraska the I-80 West quickly ascends to its highest point of 8,000 ft above sea level.  Luckily I was at a rest stop and adjusted pretty fast.  

Yesterdays sights were phenomenal... I passed through the Red Desert, the Great Divide Basin (running between the two ranges of the Rocky Mountains), the Wasatch Mountains, Echo Canyon, Parley's Canyon, Park City, and finally into the picturesque Salt Lake City.  

I am only here until tomorrow morning but have a full day with lots of hiking planned so looking forward to making the best of my short visit.   Tomorrow I am off to San Francisco for a couple days to drop my trunk full of belongings in a storage unit and pick up a smaller car before taking off on the rest of my adventure!!!